We are excited to make a BIG Announcement. Xobin, has launched the world’s first interview Chatbot. We understand the huge information void that exists between applicants and companies. This chatbot answers all your questions about the job. Yes, All !

And along with that, we launched our new grading metric, XScore. Something that can put a numeric value to your skills as a developer
So what exactly is XScore, and what are the benefits? And how to get it?

CIBIL Score equivalent for jobs.

It’s been far too long that there has been no performance standard for jobs. Something that would be a metric involving everything professional about you. XScore takes the following things into consideration:
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Resume
  • Willingness to move
  • Active contributions to Open Source Community (Github,etc.)
Now instead of having to rely on a single interview and your resume, present a much clearer image of your true self to your potential employer.
Like how a good CIBIL score means you get a good loan, a good XScore gives you an improved chance at the best jobs. Xscore allows you to improve on your existing skills, while striving to be among the best.

No nonsense way to get your next job

Hunting for jobs is a thing of the past. Gone are the days you had to wait for calls from recruiters. Job boards may entice you with numbers, but what quality do you get out of them?
Instead, embrace technology. Let Xobin suggest jobs based on YOU, tailored for YOU. With the perfect mix of technology and calculation, take the next step up in your career.

Grow your career.

Got bored of working on the same stack for a while? Too scared that you may not get the job in a different field due to lack of experience?
Let go of those fears, a good developer will always be a good developer, and Xobin knows that. Changing tracks is simpler than ever before with Xobin. Technology is only a tool, the developer is the smith. You can teach a smith to use a new tool, but talent is permanent.
Planning to shift from Backend to Frontend or vice-versa? Do not worry, Xobin provides you with the perfect platform. All you need is your XScore as a certificate to your prospective employers to decide how good you are.

How to get your XScore?

Well, it’s all very simple. You only have to interact with Xobin and answer a few questions to calibrate your XScore. It only takes between 15-45 minutes to get yours generated.


Imagine how cool would it be to know that you are the best Android developer in Bangalore. Sounds fun right? Well, it is fun, and it is very much possible. XScore, with all its benefits, also enables Xobin to rank people based on their performances. This means that you have another reason to improve on your existing XScore. Start climbing up by improving.
Check the leaderboard now.
Intrigued? Want to get your own XScore and start challenging the for leaderboard? Great, get started here.

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