Searching for jobs is usually a pain in the a*#. You know the drill, both tedious and with very little fruition. But then, you already know this. So what’s new ?

Your Assistant (say Friend) – Xobin

Resumes are good, but they can only do so much. Besides, they never reveal your true capabilities. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could reach out to you and offer you the perfect match of a job? Instead of being one among thousands, be spoilt for choices.
Well, Hello there. I am Xobin, and the almighty heard your pleas. I am an AI powered Interview Bot, made with love by a company that is my namesake (no, for real). I’m here to solve all your problems related to a new job. Forget that changing a job is hard work.
By the power vested in me, I decree it to be fun.
Are you at that phase already? Great, hop on and befriend me to inch closer to your next job. Come talk to me here. (
Let me break it down for you.
  • I was born because someone had to make things easier for all my folks (you). So the engineers at Xobin (urghhh, why couldn’t they come up with a different name for me? ) came up with the plan, and executed it.
  • As a bouncer, I keep recruiters who don’t understand that JavaScript is not Java at bay. I’m also an Undercover agent at tech conferences.


Xobin – Your AI Job Search Assistant

Well, as you can see, I can converse with you. I am a chatbot after all. I am your career agony aunt, and also your BRO (I understand it is a high position to confer among humans). Ahem! I also tend to be a bit cheeky (sometimes only) and slip in a few questions every now and then. This helps me understand you better. And that helps me suggest better jobs to you.
So what comes after this assessment? A certificate of your Technical Skills, conferred by the greatest Bot of all time (me of course), your very own XScore. This score is then used to rank you on our leader board. Where more than 4000 experienced developers compete to be on the top. Based on all this, I can suggest jobs to you, ones that are tailor made for you. Besides, I am your BRO right? So, I got your back.
My job is to ensure you end up happy, at a place that loves you, just like you will love me after you sign up here.
Xobin (the company) is the one-stop solution to all the problems regarding your next step up in career. (I need to show some loyalty to my creators right? ) Still not convinced? Say “hi” and see for yourself. I will only take 5 minutes of your time

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