Use cases of talent assessment software

With the Talent Assessment Softwares contributing their lion’s share to solve recruitment challenges, they are also being used for other processes in various organizations and educational institutions.

So, here are the use cases of an online assessment software:

Use Case Of a Talent Assessment Software

Talent Assessment Software Use Case#1: Educational Institutions

The introduction of AI enabled proctored assessments has greatly relieved educational institutions especially universities, where professional assessment softwares have started to take over the traditional pen-paper assessments. AI proctors have replaced manual invigilation, tracks a candidate’s activity while taking an assessment. Also, educational institutions are using online coding stimulators and platforms to train students prior to campus recruitments.

Talent Assessment Software Use Case#2: Startups and Mid-market enterprises

Startups have zero tolerance for complexities and need a all-in-one solution for their assessment needs. Any startup that signs up for a recruitment and/or an assessment software have expect a decent ROI out of the software. At Xobin, we understand these concerns built the product with a user-friendly interface, customized assessment solutions exclusive for startups.  Our psychometric and behavioral fit assessments can predict if the candidate can adapt to the ambiguity that prevails in a startup.

Talent Assessment Software Use Case#3: Large Enterprises

  • Campus Hiring: For campus hiring, a talent assessment software need to be highly robust to assess multiple candidates at once and also to figure-out the organizational or ‘culture-fit’ of the candidates.
  • Lateral Hiring: Enterprises also hire laterally for mid-senior level executives. In such a case the assessment platform need to have pre-built assessments with higher levels of difficulty and customization options.
  • Learning & Development: Organizations foster learning and development culture among existing employees and also for training new hires. So, an assessment platform typically has 3 major requirements with regards to L&D.
  • Succession Planning: Skill assessments and psychometric assessments help the Compensation and Benefits managers with data-driven decision to advance the career progression for High performing employees (called HiPo employees).

Talent Assessment Software Use Case #4: Recruitment Consultancies

When organizations have a huge requirement for manpower, they approach recruitment consultancies that are specialized in sourcing and building a talent pipeline. But in most cases, recruitment consultancies do not have proper check gates to evaluate candidates and end up bombarding organizations with just raw candidates from their database without clearly analyzing the organization’s requirements. This process end up straining the business relationship between the organization and the recruitment consultancy.

Hence a talent assessment software with customized assessment solutions will help the recruitment agencies to conduct basic screening tests and culture-fit tests before recommending the candidates to the organization thereby enhancing the quality of their talent pipeline.

Talent Assessment Software Use Case#5: Hackathons

A significant number of organizations harness Hackathons: works as a charm for employer branding, attracting top talent pool, lowers the recruitment effort, lowers the cost-per-hire metrics. Assessment and coding platforms, one such like Xobin, helps organizations to conduct online Hackathons, wherein candidates from any location can participate without driving to the event location. This bring in more qualified candidates into the employer’s funnel.

If your organization needs an assessment platform for any of the use cases in the distant future, Xobin could be an ideal choice. Signup for a 14-day FREE trial now!



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