Recruitment is finally embracing AI. More and more companies are willing to trust Online Pre-Employment Assessment platforms. With a focus on a data-driven approach to hiring, not just tech firms, but even non-traditional industries such as BFSI, FMCG, Pharmaceutical Industry & Education Sector are migrating towards technology.

With Assessments for roles like Sales, Marketing & Financial Experts, this migration has become easy. Psychometric Evaluation has pretty much become a norm in all recruitment processes, making online platforms even more viable. Most recently, after a lengthy conversation with Anand Thakur, the Chief Digital Officer of Jubilant Foodworks, a fast food industry giant, famous for its chains- Dominos Pizza & Dunkin’ Donuts, had a conversation with our CEO, Guruprakash. As part of his company’s efforts to improve the digital thrust, he invited us for a talk & was really impressed by the product.

After a series of discussions, we are now glad to announce that Jubilant Foodworks is now a part of our growing list of partners. Regarding the partnership, the Co-Founder of Xobin, Amrit Acharya said, “We are excited to have two of the world’s iconic brands in Dominos and Dunkin’ Donuts, as our partners. We look forward to helping drive their digital footprint by helping them serve their countless customers better.”

Also, recently, Compartamos Banco, the largest Microfinance bank in Latin America signed up as a user of Xobin Interact. Both these corporations have partnered with Xobin Interact to use pre-employment assessments for their recruitment. This just goes to show that Industries are not a barrier and that HR teams across the globe in every industry are moving towards a technology-oriented hiring process.

Why Pre-Employment Assessments?

Pre-Employment Assessments help companies screen applicants using technology in a wide variety of roles. Not just that, but these assessments ensure that any possible chance of recruiter bias becomes invalid. Making skills the only point of evaluation ensures that there is a clear-cut transparent selection process. Not only does it improve employee satisfaction, but it also improves the overall applicant experience and the company’s employer brand.

Pre-Employment Assessments are quickly becoming the symbol of progressiveness and uniformity. Eradicating any chances of human error of judgement while recruiting goes a long way in ensuring that the teams always are of a very high quality. Another thing they help in accomplishing is recording the level of skills an employee possesses. This ensures a digital record of the skill levels and recruiters can always try to keep improving on those numbers. As an organization, one can show progress and set skill benchmarks.

Xobin Interact is glad to be helping over 100 companies in 30+ countries in doing this. We are really excited that more and more companies from various industries are embracing Pre-Employment Assessment Software, and letting Interact be a part of their process.

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