Automation is taking over every industry.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are at the centre of every recent innovation. And this importance is only growing as the days and years progress. But one of the slowest sectors to embrace this growth has been the HR industry. More out of a staunch traditional approach to the way things are done rather than in spite of things new.

HR Tech Advances

HR Tech is slowly picking up and making up for lost time. There are some amazing new processes that are coming up and making all HR techniques easier to administer. While some of the tasks are fairly easy to automate and can make for amazing software, some tasks simply require the good ‘ol human touch.

[ctt template=”9″ link=”N6Y9X” via=”no” ]With automation in resume screening and offer letter generation, the only things left are screening for technical fit and conducting the interview itself.[/ctt] While that day is far and might never see the light of day, but it is something to ponder upon. A great step towards this is something that people have already started implementing- Automation in Applicant Screening. Technically!

Automation in Screening

Yes, resume based screening is dying. But the idea is to move the impetus towards skill-based assessments. Skill-Based screening is the way to go forward, and that is the way to eradicate any bias in recruitment. Not only does it accomplish that, it also ensures that only the people most technically fit for any given job get in.

So what does automation in applicant assessment really mean? It is a combination of an Application Tracking System and an online Assessment platform where candidates that are automatically deemed qualified based on their skills and moved to the next stage of being assessed.

What we can do is have the Test either chosen or created for a given role and added to the ATS. After this, once the applicants progress to the assessment phase, they receive the test invite via email.

Recruiter- The shepherd

Contrary to popular belief, Automation is only an accessory when used correctly. And in the hands of today’s recruiters, it has the potential to become a boon for job-seekers all around the world. Rather than becoming obsolete, the recruiter becomes the lynch-pin for all these processes.

The role that a recruiter plays today is that of a messenger and a guide. A recruiter has to be the friend of the applicant and help him/her through the automated hiring process. Because at the end of the day, it is their job to find a candidate that fits perfectly, while also helping candidates find a job that suits them.

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