The first ever question when it comes to Digital Marketing and beginning with it is whether to outsource to an expert or hiring an in-house specialist. Practically every business is working with some form of digital marketing professional. In an economy where information is everything, digital marketing is simply not optional.

Once you decide your answer based on the nature & capability of your firm, it is time to take action.

Now that Digital Marketing is not optional at all, what do you want? Of course, the starting point is that you want the best Marketers on your team. So, how do you go about for an All-Star team? You search out the most talented individuals, convince them that you’re exactly where they should be, and bring them on board.

“And they lived happily ever after?”

If it were that simple, every startup would be flourishing with a dream team powering their marketing efforts.

Not that long ago, a single person or two could handle the bulk of the marketing efforts. But gone are those days. The entire arena of Digital Marketing is too vast for any individual now.

One size doesn’t fit all

You must’ve come across this saying at some point in your life. That is exactly why you cannot have a single person doing everything for you. These multi-talented or Full Stack Marketers (as they like to call themselves) are Generalist marketers with some knowledge in various different sectors. And as much as they seem enticing in the early stages of a company, with growth there are a multitude of problems that will arise if these Full Stack Marketers do not give way to Specialists.

There will eventually be problems regarding a few areas as one person can’t be adept at everything. There will be a shortage of time because it is the same person doing multiple things. And there is literally about a hundred things that can go wrong with a Generalist Marketer. The biggest of them being- Training costs, Efficiency & Time.

How to hire the best, then?

It really is quite simple. You find out what you need and you implement the strategy that suits YOU. Your company is unique, so you are going to require different strengths and skills from your full-time marketer. It’s important to compare all your candidates by the same standards. Only then rank those standards based on your company’s individual needs.

So, how do you do that without letting bias have any say in the process or standards?

Well, it really is very easy. Bring in the one thing that can never have a bias for anything but good performance- Technology. And by technology, I mean Online Digital Marketing Assessment Tests.

So, how is it that you can spot the best, using assessments? Simple. Test them on the traits and skills that matter most to the job.

  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Logical Thinking & Decision Making Ability
  • Digital Marketing Skills (They’re important too, you know)

Once you’re set with all this information, there is still one thing you have to do. Splitting the roles based on speciality. Based on the most commonly available openings, there are the following 3 roles.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Campaigns & Lead Generation
  3. Revenue Generation & Conversion Optimization

Getting a hold of the best Digital Marketing professionals

So how to ensure that you get a pipeline of the most talented professionals. It gets as simple as creating your employer brand. Because at the end of the day, it is all about brand marketing. Only the best attract the best. And how do you get there? Just ensure that you have the best process for your hiring cycles and all applicants are treated fairly. You can read our Article to see how major product leaders end up with an incoming abundance of applicants.

Work hard on your employer brand and it will pay off in the long run. Google & Microsoft did not get where they are in a single cycle. Like recruitment, it is a constant cycle and requires constant efforts.

Are you hiring digital marketers?

Assess your candidates on the niche skills of digital marketing before you hire them.

Here is how Xobin Interact helps you in doing it!

Xobin Interact Digital Marketing Assessment

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