Sales. One of the most pivotal aspects of any firm. There is more often than not a direct correlation to the growth of the company with the sales numbers. So how exactly does one improve these numbers? Short and simple answer: By having the best team of salespeople working.

People don’t discuss the importance of aptitude tests enough. To be fair, there needs to be a greater emphasis on these tests. Especially given the fact that a role in sales is all about thinking on your feet and delivering results.

What does aptitude have to do with Sales?

As previously discussed, aptitude tests are a measure of a person’s ability to do things the required way, think fast and act even faster. A sales job is something that has a lot of split-second decision making, and these decisions can be the factors that separate a successful salesperson from a mediocre or even a bad one.

Given a choice, who would you rather have? A person scoring OK in an aptitude test from a premier educational institution or someone with a dazzling score from a Tier 2 institution? The answer should be obvious. Logical Sense, impulsive decision-making and selling Aptitude are very similar and can be easily tested. Using a simple Pre-Employment Assessment Test for aptitude, one can find the best applicants.

Sales is a job that is based on numbers. The numbers speak for themselves. The more skilled and fast you are, the better you are at your job. And aptitude is all about numbers and the ability to play with them.

So what better way to hire your next “Wolf of the Wall Street” than by throwing all the prospects a juicy and challenging Aptitude Test their way? What can be easier than that?

Choose an Online Assessment Platform and administer your tests without any hassles.

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