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In 2018, Digital Marketing has become one of the most pivotal functional in all organizations. With the world moving towards digitization, businesses are relying on digital marketers to do the magic.

With the vast multitude of applicants eager to break into this field, how does a recruiter interview for this position ?

Simple. To encourage Data Driven Hiring and Blind Hiring Practices, request your applicants to take up  Online Digital Marketing Skills Assessment. It serves as a good method to screen applicants and identify the top Digital Marketing specialists before inviting them for an interview.

Don’t worry, we have simplified your life.

Here are some hand-picked Digital Marketing Interview Questions and asessments that you must use in your next interview!

A typical Digital Marketing Interview must cover Lead generation, SEO Skills, Social Media Marketing and Content Writing Skills.


The Warm Up : Checking Digital Marketing Fundamentals

If you are looking for an entry-level digital marketing associate, it is always ideal to start from basics.

  1. How did you first come across this field ? What piqued your interest ?
  2. Explain what is a keyword
  3. In what cases is online marketing preferred to offline marketing?
  4. If you were to built the Digital Marketing function from scratch, what marketing stack would you adopt and why ?

Are you hiring a digital marketing team?

Gain insights as to know how to split up the roles among your hires and what organizations expect from each role.


Lead generation

Sales Funnel in Digital Marketing

The primary function of a marketeer is to generate leads.

Digital Marketing specialists are able to explore the landscape and provide answers to where the potential customers spend their time. More significantly, what is the best way to reach them.

Here are a few direct questions or situational case studies to know their definition and understanding of the term ‘lead generation’.

  1. What strategies would you use to generate leads?
  2. How do you distinguish your target customers from the Sales Funnel point of view?

Case Study 1

Let’s say you are tasked with running online marketing for a new education tech company that sells courses online. This is an old company that hasn’t done a lot of online marketing in the past and you would be tasked with building up the division on your own. What would you do in your first 14 days on the job?


Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine OptimizationTo earn a high rank on search engines is not an easy joke. SEO has no quick fix. As a result it takes atleast 3 months of time and effort of your digital marketer as SEO to show marginal improvement. Likewise, it take years of content creation, link building and constant tactical activity to rank high.

While some companies may afford to hire dedicated SEO experts, at most organization, the digital marketer must lay the foundation for the SEO.

In case you are hiring for Technical SEO roles, do use the Online SEO Skills Assessment by Xobin.


Here are a few questions that you can ask for the role of an SEO Analyst or a digital marketer in general.

  1. What are some of the most recent and major changes made by Google in their search algorithm?
  2. What steps do you follow while conducting an SEO Audit of a website ?
  3. How would you perform a keyword research ?
  4.  Explain a situation when your SEO Campaign went wrong. Looking back, what would you do differently ?

Assessment Rubrics : The above questions help you analyze how up-to-date is the applicant in the field of Digital Marketing. The best applicants and data oriented in their approach. Above all, they give logical answers to their method of functioning.

Social Media Marketing

An interesting study made by an influencer marketing agency, Mediakix shows that an average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media. The study also says that this is more than the time spent on eating and grooming. Businesses are tapping this superpower to attract the leads.

Hence it is important to hire a person who is a versatile social media expert. These questions will let you understand how familiar is your candidate with social media tools.

Social Media Marketing

  1. What metrics do you use to measure the success of your social campaigns?
  2. Describe the process you use to create a social media calendar.
  3. How would you allocate our social media budget?

Case Study 2

FoodSumo is Food Delivering Startup. The Digital channels are not giving the desired results and the cost of acquiring a customer is very high. As a Marketing Associate what strategy and marketing channel would you would you adopt to increase App Downloads and why? 


Assessment Rubrics – Check for a clear understanding and selection marketing channels. More importantly, best candidates display understanding of tradeoff between different channels.


Pay Per Click Or Google Adwords

The most common job role of a Digital Marketer is to manage the PPC and Ads. Therefore it is critical to analyze the understanding. If you are hiring an in-house digital marketing manager, it is important to know if the candidate has previously run paid campaigns. If not, ask them to work out a case study.

  1. Explain what is PPC or Pay Per Click advertising?
  2. What are the primary models for determining Pay-Per-Click? 
  3. How does the Google Display Network work ?
  4. Mention how will you go about creating a successfull PPC Campaign?
  5. When do you conclude an ad-test ?
  6. How many keywords should I have per ad group?

Case Study 3

Below is a LinkedIn Sponsored Ad. What is the Best Metric to measure the Performance of this Ad. What will you do to improve this Ad.

linkedin casestudy

Assessment Rubric – It’s important to probe the interviewee’s understanding of Quality Score and managing ad-rotations. More importantly, best applicants speak about statistical significance in their PPC Ads, using one of many online options, like the Teasley calculator.

Content marketing and Email marketing

Email MarketingContent marketing has become a top element of digital B2B lead generation.

As a result, 96 per cent of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders. Similarly, 47 per cent of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.

While grammar and language fluency is important for content marketing, above all, it is essential to be relevant and address the pain points of customers. Here are a few questions you can ask a content marketer.

In case you are hiring for Content Marketing specialists, checkout Online Content Marketing Skills Assessment by Xobin.


  1. How do you write a content for a person who is at the bottom of the Sales Funnel?
  2. What is a long-form content? In which cases do companies long-form content?
  3. Explain the difference between B2B and B2C content marketing
  4. What type of emails would you send to move a customer down the funnel?
  5. Write an eye catchy (but also not too salesy) email subject line to increase aimed at increasing open rates.

Case Study 4

You work for a Large HR Staffing Firm that helps companies fill job roles. Your Company has just Tied up with a Leading Media Publication and has done a study on Job Salary Statistics around the Country. There are 30 Days before this Study is released. What kind of a Content Plan will you come up with?


Digital Marketing Assessments

Lean organizations typically look for Full-Stack Digital Marketers. These are generalists with strong foundation in every service of the realm of Digital Marketing.

Like leading firms around the world, if you have a pool of applicants it may not be feasible to interview each and every applicant. In such cases, you can make use of tailor-made digital marketing skills assessments to screen your candidates.

Within Xobin Interact’s assessment platform, we have a huge question library of Digital Marketing questions. Most importantly, recruiters can customize their tests periodically.

Here are some of the most popular assessments used for testing the skills for Digital Marketing roles. Take your pick.

Digital Marketing Skills Assessment
Online Assessments to assess Digital Marketing Skills

More power to you!


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