Campus Hiring season between July and December is critical for HR Teams. In this war for talent, organizations are fighting to find the right fit for their organization. But hiring and managing millenials is a different ball game.

Moreover, with over 5 million students graduating every year, hiring managers need to be on top of their game. So what are the best campus hiring strategy to adopt this recruitment season ? How do the best recruiters chalk out their strategy ?

Let’s take a look.

1. Identifying hiring needs before venturing out for Campus Hiring


Firstly, Start with the end goal in mind!

Analyze whether you really need to hire freshers. It’s imperative to understand if hiring fresh talent from the campus can really add real value to their organization. Before the hiring managers hunt for the right candidate during campus hiring, they should have a clear cut estimate and idea of manpower requirement for their organization.

For this, the hiring managers should brainstorm with the employees of various verticals and horizontals to understand the requirement of role, responsibilities and skills required.

Secondly – check the amount of training that needs to be given to bring the fresh hires upto date. Quite often, recruiting teams undermine the level of training that may be needed before onboarding a fresher into a project.

Lastly, keep a list of technologies and rough estimate of total hires across various roles and tracks. The more granular the estimate is, the better.

2. Choosing the Right Campus

Choosing right campus during campus hiring

A college isn’t just a building. Each campus has its own culture and preference to certain skill sets. While a few colleges emphasize on Design Thinking, others emphasize on Product and App Development.

Certain colleges are known to produce solid technical talent while others are known to have highly creative students.

Recruitment Dilemma #1 – So where should you hunt for the right candidate? Which campuses should you hire from?

When it comes to deciding which colleges to target for campus hiring, first focus on determining the type of skills you’re looking for. Next, look into which colleges have expertise in academic programs that match those functional needs.

PRO-TIP:  Before you start campus hiring, review the colleges that produced your top performers. Such a study may help in optimizing the recruitment efforts.

Recruitment Dilemma #2 –  Am I missing out a pool of exceptional candidates from Tier II colleges ?

This fear is not unwarranted. Organizations of all sizes have tacked this by organizing Hackathons to attract a large pool of candidates.

Don’t fret the logistics hassles of an Offline Hackathon. Choose an appropriate platform like Xobin to conduct Online Hackathons

3. Innovative job description for Campus Hiring

When was the last time you read an advertisement on a newspaper?

Organizations have often erred by re-using and recycling old Job descriptions.

A key reason why company’s are unable to hire well during campus recruitment is their Job description. So, Is there something like a perfect Job Description ?

Sure there is ! A creative and thought provoking job description is a secret to win the heart of students. Moreover you can make an ever lasting impression. A well-written job description can set the right expectations and help you connect better with the candidates.

The next time you draft a JD, ask these questions –

Job description

  • Is it written to attract an individual?
  • Does it describe the culture of your organization?
  • Does this excite the applicants?

Try being a little creative. Let the job description be crisp, eye catching.

PRO-TIP: Check-out how these companies have attracted applicants with their innovative Job Description.

4. Interactive Pre-placement Talk during Campus Recruitment

Pre placement talk during Campus Hiring

It takes an average human 400 seconds to go to sleep!

You wouldn’t want to brand your organization as a boring one. For the exact same reason, Pre- Placement Talks are critical.


They are more a Marketing Event rather than a recruiting one.

A Best practice is to take the help of the College Alumni. The Alumni can express a better connect with the students emotionally. Moreover, a happy alumni, narrating their story is more likely to resonate with young college students.

An ideal pre-placement talk should emphasis on the following:

  • About your organization- What makes it unique?
  • The kind of projects and clients your organization deals with
  • The work culture
  • Salary along with perks and benefits
  • Long term career trajectory of employees


Want to go one step further ? Take inspiration from organizations like Proctor and Gamble. Recently P & G made use of Chatbots to interact with students during campus hiring. As a result, students freely asked questions ranging from salary, to company’s products and even CSR activities.

That’s one way to rock the first-impression!

5. Automated Screening Tests for Campus Hiring

800+ Pre assessment tests by Xobin Interact
Technical and Psychometric tests for Campus Hiring


Let’s be fair to students. Grades are not the only metric to judge them by.  It’s often seen that students with comparatively lower grades can outperform others.

So how does an organization objectively review each candidate on a large scale ?

Hence, to ensure a fair and square selection of students during campus hiring, it is important to assess the candidates on various skill sets in an objective manner.


  • Logical and analytical ability tests:

    Problem solving is of utmost importance in today’s business world. Campus Recruitment have often emphasized on Aptitude Test.  As a primer, company’s use the basic aptitude assessment to understand the general thinking ability of candidates.

  • Psychometric tests:

    Companies have a culture. The best performers are those who align with the Company Culture and have the right personality for the job role. The psychometric tests and emotional intelligence tests help find the right person for the right job.

  • Technical assessment tests: Technical Assessment tests help the campus recruiters to understand the technical skill set of candidates during campus hiring. This helps recruiters analyze if the students have the technical competency for the specific job role.


6. Managing the offer-to-joining ratio in Campus Hiring

Did you know ?

40 % of Freshers leave the organization within 6 months. Cost of Loosing a new hire is 3X the Salary

HR Industry thought leader , Dr. John Sullivan, mentions these as part of his latest research.

PRO-TIP: Check out Dr. John Sullivan’s Latest Research on Fresher Recruitment.

Talented Students are often at the receiving end of multiple job offers. The best companies are aware of this. They continuously track 2 Metrics. The Drop Offs and Offer to Join Ratio.

There are multiple ways to improve these metrics

  1. Flexible Job Location
  2. Joining Bonus
  3. Clear Career Growth Path
  4. Internships and On-job training
  5. Continuous Engagement with Campus Hires


Acceptance ratio, by industry

Campus Freshers today are more aware of the options they have. Firstly, they look for jobs that  align with their career goals and values. It’s important for organizations to understand  the applicants. This means understanding the personality and the values. Not just the skills.

Organizations today are big users of Psychometric and Personality Tests.

Firstly, these Job Specific Psychometric tests helps to understand the personality and values of an individual. Moreover Situational Judgment Tests help understand behavioural traits of students.

This data is a goldmine for recruiters. This helps to select students who align with the company’s culture. In contrast to forcing a role on a candidate, this method helps hiring managers choose the right individual for the right role. A win-win situation for all.

In 2015, only 2 out of 10 offers that Airtel made converted into jobs. 80% Candidates rejected the offer. Airtel brought it down to 50% in 2016 and further down to 26 % in 2017.

Today, 7 out of 10 candidates accept Airtel’s Job Offer.

Here is a concise strategy used by Airtel.

We crashed the hiring process to 3-4 days. We also changed some of the ways in which we hired. Hackathons and coding tests were introduced.

Developers wanted different designations such as Product Engineer or Senior Developer. So we decided to talk the language they understood and created those designations.

Srikanth Balachandran, Global CHRO of Bharti Airtel

How Airtel overcame this challenge is a fascinating case study. Read more about it here


Campus Hiring can be fun.

Moreover it is a great way to attract fresh talent into the company. Successful companies use campus recruitments to bring in fresh ideas to solve business problems.

A robust and reliable campus recruitment software is clearly a friendly companion. Recruiters can automate the screening efforts and focus on interviews. Check out how Hakuna Matata, a Mid-Size IT Firm successfully concluded it’s campus hiring season.

It’s your turn now !

Use the 6 Step Framework to crystallize your Campus Hiring Strategy. Try Xobin – A leader in Cloud Based Campus Recruitment Software.

You focus on building your company’s brand image. Campus Recruiters need not analyze thousands of  students. Let Xobin Interact manage the screening, assessments and student data. What you get is a data driven Campus Hiring Process.

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