Top Tech companies always aim for the best: the best talent, best resources, best practices, best everything. But what truly differentiates a wannabe top company from a real top company is the high standards they set in their talent acquisition and recruitment. The way they treat their recruitment cycle.   […]

How to find your dream front end job?
March 23, 2017

Now that you have started on your path to becoming a world-class front end developer, time to find a job. The key here is to not get into any job that offers web development.   A simple search for front end jobs on google produces: 2600+ results on LinkedIn 1800+ […]

Top companies like Google, Microsoft, frequent a lot of problems in interviews. The basic research will yield a lot of results, but we went a step further to pull out the most common problems. Knowledge of these problems will definitely give you an edge over your competitors in interviews.   […]

Starting up along with your day Job
March 9, 2017

In-house Startup If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve always wanted to start your own startup. What is pretty predictable however, is that you’re still working for someone else. Maybe it’s because you’re afraid to give up that steady paycheck. Fair Enough ! But there are […]

Whiteboard interviews suck, you don’t need to be told why. What is your main goal in interviewing candidates? If you answered “to hire the best candidate” you should reconsider. Forming the best team is a goal that will better serve your company. Whiteboard interviews have been prevalent for over 25 […]

Feel you’ve had enough experience at your current and ready to take on your dream job? Well, it is worth a try. But hold on, your attempt may be over even before it can actually start if you aren’t careful.   It is actually very common of people to take […]

We are excited to make a BIG Announcement. Xobin, has launched the world’s first interview Chatbot. We understand the huge information void that exists between applicants and companies. This chatbot answers all your questions about the job. Yes, All !   And along with that, we launched our new grading metric, […]