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Unable to hire? Check your Job Description

redefine job descriptions

Struggling to find applicants? We get it. You work hard, create the entire recruitment plan for that amazing Developer vacancy your firm has. You have everything in order, from the application phase down to the particulars of the offer when you have to make it. Everything is perfect, except you aren’t getting a lot of high-quality applicants. Why is that? In our experience, more often than...

10 Questions To Interview Your Next Full-Stack Jedi

Full-Stack Interview

In our last two Articles; we have given you a brief idea about what sort of questions to ask your Front-End and Back-End developers in an interview. But the Dark Side and the Light Side have been at war for ages. The time is now for the “Catalyst” to come and bring balance to the Force. This Catalyst is a master of both the ways of the Jedi and the Dark Side and has great knowledge of...

15 Front-End Interview Questions You Can’t Ignore

front-end interview questions

Welcome to Part-2 of our Interview Question Series. In one of our previous articles, we had our say about what sort of questions one should ask in an interview. In the Part-1 of our Interview Question Series, we gave you a list of questions which you could pose to your Back-end developers in an interview. Now it is our turn to pick the most suitable questions you can ask a Front-End Developer...

10 Interview Questions to Ask your next Back-end Developer

Questions ask backend developer

If I told you that I could give you a spell that will let you live without aging forever, would you believe me? I’d take my chances and say no. Most of you might even end up laughing at just the mention of spells. Why, because it is ridiculous. That is precisely the kind of thought top HR leaders have when someone asks about asking Coding oriented questions in an interview. Agreed that...

Finding the Right Interview Questions

right interview questions

Interviews are tough. For both recruiters and the interviewees. But what makes it hard for everyone concerned is the degree of unsatisfaction most people come out with, post interviews. It gets tough to interview without using some of the cliched questions. The ideal interview would comprise the perfect mix of technical and behavioral questions. Now, how do we come up with the perfect mix and...

Choosing the Right Assessment Platform

Choose right assessment platform employment

When do you start believing that you need an external tool/resource to help you hire better? When do you say, I have done all I have, but I need to do better? Finally, when do you know you need an assessment platform? Answer? The moment you are starting to build a team that is now significant in size. The more figurative truth comes when you see that there is an apparent decrease in the quality...

Sourcing Developers Online – Part 2 : Using GitHub

Sourcing Developers From GitHub (1)

Searching Github Developers on Google Github is very similar to StackOverflow (read how to source developers from Stack Overflow in part 1 of the article) regarding the quality of developers you can find there. But one major thing that sets the two platforms apart is the fact that on GitHub people are contributing to the open-source with full-fledged projects. So while StackOverflow is easy for...

Sourcing Developers Online – Part 1 : Using Stack Overflow

Sourcing Developers From stackoverflow

It’s a wild witch hunt for recruiters these days to find better developers, so much so that they have to take to online platforms to source new devs. This wild nature has been the norm for quite a while now. According to Stack Overflow 2017 Developer Landscape, 93.1% of all software engineers are currently employed, an overall decrease by a flat 4.4% compared to last year. To add to that...

6 Absolutely Crazy Recruitment Campaigns


Recruitment is an active problem for most hiring managers. Many companies end up scratching their heads when trying to find the right person for the job. But, over the years, there have been a few campaigns that have become the transcript for managers to come. These drives had even the highest paid managers thinking “WOW!!!, how did I not think of that.” Hired the best HR Consultants...

12 Behavioural Interview Questions to Ask Developers

Behavioural questions to ask developers

Developers always have qualms about being judged on things that don’t relate to development. And they may be correct in saying so. But the truth is that no matter how good a developer is, their skills go out of the window if they aren’t going to fit your team. By fit, I mean as a person. No matter how good the code is, it is the person you end up working with. And that person has to...

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