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Demystifying The Use Of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests for recruitment

Psychometric tests Psychometric tests: A key to tool to study and analyze an individual’s behaviour and stimulus to things and people. While on one hand, a lot of interest & noise regarding psychometric tests. On the other hand, a lot of mistrust and confusion about its usage. We thought it would be more useful to have a clear resource, in one place, to guide hiring teams along their...

Guide To Choosing The Right Online Assessment Platform

Online assessment platform

The right online assessment platform gives an elevated design to the path of the recruitment process. Had nightmares of hiring the right person for your company? Validating the skill set of a candidate is the most crucial step in the hiring process. Conducting an online pre-employment assessment is the secret sauce for validating the skills and hiring the right fit for your organization. Your...

How AI Is Changing The Recruitment Game

Vicious cycle of recruitment

Artificial Intelligence, an ability of a computer program to think and learn with the help of algorithms designed by mankind. This invention seems to be dominating the world for the past few years. Although there is a never-ending debate over ‘AI will be stealing our jobs in future’, let’s not deep-dive into this. For now, we shall learn to embrace the ambiguity of future, take...

Why is a Pre-Employment Assessment Important To Hire a Candidate?

Xobin pre-employment assessment

Pre-employment assessment is a standardized tool for gathering data to assess and validate a candidate’s ability to perform on a job. Pre-employment assessment aims to reduce the burden of recruiters and hiring managers. They aid in assessing the analytical and logical ability, hard skills, soft skills, psychometry and domain knowledge of the candidates. Based on a study conducted by The...

A Day in Life of a Campus Recruiter during Campus Recruitment

Day of a recruiter in campus recruitment

Campus Recruitment Season in India (July to Dec) is one of the most hectic periods for a recruiter. Sure, one does get a high when it works out well, but in case the right strategy and the Campus Recruitment Checklist aren’t followed, it can turn into a badly organized event. Over the past 4 months, I’ve visited over a dozen odd Engineering Campuses across South India. Since my team...

7 Ways To Leverage Online Assessment Platform To Boost Your Hiring

Online assess platform to boost hiring

Being a hiring manager, you would have toiled for days, weeks and months for the right candidates. Crossing your fingers hoping that your hoping that your right picks don’t back out at the last moment. Recruiters and hiring managers receive many good applications for the open job positions. But, as you cannot invite every applicant for a personal interview, you need to implement a strict...

How to Assess and Hire a Sales Representative

Sales Representative closing a sale

Sales Representative  : A designation used for salespeople in high technology and business service organizations.  They repesent the face of the company. They pitch, nurture, negotiate and close deals for the organization. They are tasked with building long lasting professional relations between organization.  In this blog, we try and analyze best ways to hire your sales team. Before you proceed...

Ultimate Guide To An Efficient Campus Hiring Process

Campus Hiring and Screening

Campus Hiring season between July and December is critical for HR Teams. In this war for talent, organizations are fighting to find the right fit for their organization. But hiring and managing millenials is a different ball game. Moreover, with over 5 million students graduating every year, hiring managers need to be on top of their game. So what are the best campus hiring strategy to adopt this...

Xobin Interact Wins Double Accolades From FinancesOnline


Xobin Interact Recognized as a Great User Experience and Rising Star for HR Software by Platform for SaaS Reviews FinancesOnline, a popular review platform for software and B2B services, recently published a detailed review of Xobin Interact in which they praised our system as one that genuinely meets users’ expectations. Now, their readers have the possibility to familiarize themselves...

Leading Pizza Chain, Top South American Bank, Industry is no barrier for Interact Assessments


Recruitment is finally embracing AI. More and more companies are willing to trust Online Pre-Employment Assessment platforms. With a focus on a data-driven approach to hiring, not just tech firms, but even non-traditional industries such as BFSI, FMCG, Pharmaceutical Industry & Education Sector are migrating towards technology. With Assessments for roles like Sales, Marketing & Financial...

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