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Xobin Interact Wins Double Accolades From FinancesOnline


Xobin Interact Recognized as a Great User Experience and Rising Star for HR Software by Platform for SaaS Reviews FinancesOnline, a popular review platform for software and B2B services, recently published a detailed review of Xobin Interact in which they praised our system as one that genuinely meets users’ expectations. Now, their readers have the possibility to familiarize themselves...

Leading Pizza Chain, Top South American Bank, Industry is no barrier for Interact Assessments


Recruitment is finally embracing AI. More and more companies are willing to trust Online Pre-Employment Assessment platforms. With a focus on a data-driven approach to hiring, not just tech firms, but even non-traditional industries such as BFSI, FMCG, Pharmaceutical Industry & Education Sector are migrating towards technology. With Assessments for roles like Sales, Marketing & Financial...

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a MEAN Stack Developer


In the current age of Software development, there are times when constraints and situations simply do not let you hire specialists. You need people who can multi-task. People who can accomplish more than one roles at once. This is the age of the full-stack developer. There are various criteria for someone to hold the title of a full-stack developer. This primarily includes 3 major fields- front...

Hiring the Best Content Manager


In our last article, we discussed how to build the best digital marketing team. So let’s delve into one of the major talking points of that article, how to hire the best Content Managers. Getting to marketing, content is always at the heart of it. There is no marketing plan that does not include content marketing. Content is the core organic and sustainable way to build a proper strategy...

Hiring Your Best Digital Marketing Team


The first ever question when it comes to Digital Marketing and beginning with it is whether to outsource to an expert or hiring an in-house specialist. Practically every business is working with some form of digital marketing professional. In an economy where information is everything, digital marketing is simply not optional. Once you decide your answer based on the nature & capability of...

Aptitude Tests for Software Developers


Software Industry is one of the most fiercely contested job markets. Recruiters struggle to get a hold of the top developers and convince them to join their teams. In such a case, finding the best developers in a sea of “struggling to get an opportunity” youngsters is hard. But it is only as hard as you make it. Product Leaders have raced ahead in this regard, welcoming technology...

Technical Aptitude Tests Help Check Ability


Technical Aptitude tests are an amazing way to get the best possible insights into a person’s abilities. Using one such Pre-Employment Assessment to screen for technical roles greatly reduces the drop-out rates. So what are Technical Aptitude Assessments? What are technical aptitude tests? A Technical Aptitude Assessment is a logical exam with additional questions that help check...

What is a Business Aptitude Test?


Business Aptitude: An odd combination one would think. But as we have already done, the definition of Aptitude clearly states the ability to accomplish things. And business is all about doing things fast and right. We have all come across the term- Business Acumen. It is nothing but a glorified way to say Business Aptitude. The ability to understand a business situation quickly and accurately and...

Capturing the Best Sales Executives Using Aptitude Tests


Sales. One of the most pivotal aspects of any firm. There is more often than not a direct correlation to the growth of the company with the sales numbers. So how exactly does one improve these numbers? Short and simple answer: By having the best team of salespeople working. People don’t discuss the importance of aptitude tests enough. To be fair, there needs to be a greater emphasis on...

The Basic Aptitude Test – Best Friend or Worst Enemy?


“Aptitude test! Those pesky tests that pretty much every person who’s applied for a job has given at least once. Not only do they seem like a waste of time, but are at times pointless too. So why do recruiters persist with such tests? Is there really any reasoning behind these tests? What is an Aptitude Test? The dictionary defines Aptitude as “An aptitude is a component of...

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